Videographer Dubai advice: HD Videos, a DSLR Camera with PRO Lenses, and Video Formats

On HD Videos, A DSLR Camera with PRO Lenses, and Video Formats videographer Dubai advise


HD Videos are created with the use of different devices such as HD video cameras, DSLRs, PRO lenses and more. The quality of the video largely depends on the gear you shoot with. This is why HD videos can be expensive to make. If you don’t have the gear, perhaps renting equipment could be a better alternative for you. BLUE EYE PICTURE will help make a comparison so that you can take amazing videos like the ones you can find in our portfolio.


A DSLR Camera with PRO lenses will allow you more flexibility in controlling the depth of field, field of view, sharpness, bokeh, light going in and more. By using PRO lenses, you can achieve different effects which will come in handy for several camera angles and segments.


For example, for interviews, a fixed aperture lens  like 50 mm  f 1.2  would be good if the person is amongst a crowd and you want to isolate that person from any distractions. On the other hand, a wide angle lens with a bigger aperture like 16mm or 24mm f 5.6 aperture will help keep your foreground and background in focus, which is useful when you want to show the details of your scenery as well. You must know a bit more what aperture means.

The bigger number on aperture scale the bigger depth of field you obtain. f 1.2 small depth of field, f 16 very big depth of field.


By using a DSLR camera, you are getting the best of both worlds in terms of quality and flexibility. On the other hand, consumer-level HD cameras nowadays are high definition and clear, but lack the flexibility of using PRO lenses. Cameras with a mount for interchangeable lenses are more expensive than you typical HD camera with a built-in less.


For beginners, an HD video camera would be helpful because of the autofocus feature as well as the exposure compensation within the device. You don’t have to keep fixing your aperture, shutter and ISO unlike with your DSLR camera.


Video Formats


Clients usually request their videos in popular formats playable on HD Television sets, mobile devices and most computers. These include .avi, .mkv, and .mp4. Of course, there are dozens more video formats available, but these are just some of the basics that you should cover. When exporting videos, it would be safe to export in these 3 formats to start with and then export to whatever other video format is necessary.


Video resolution is also an important factor to consider. Some clients may not be able to verbalize it, but 720p resolution is the minimum in most cases. 1080p may be too sharp, which will show even the most minor imperfections.


This is why it’s best to ask your clients first if they want the ultra-clear version of something less sharp and detailed. Perhaps the latter would look more flattering on everyone in the photos and videos. 1080p will emphasize wrinkles, large pores and scarring.


Customers usually inquire DVD format but they don’t realize that DVD is only 720 x576 resolution and all of them have  HD TV set  at least 720i which is twice bigger then old DVD format that was proper for old technology. Imagine situation when small picture is being enlarging to big size; what happening then- you can see pixels.That is why nowadays customers need to inquire at least mp4 with HD resolution as file if they can not obtain Blue Ray plate.

This is huge difference between DVD and Blue Ray. Everybody watching HD channels in home. Actually DVD format is almost unacceptable quality in present TV set technology. Stay tune with videographer Dubai.


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