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Video – Difference Between Trailer and Short Movie

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If you’re not a videomaker, you may not be familiar with the terms trailer and short movie. Both have to do with short video clips that show a story, but the difference lies in how the film is edited and which parts are shown.


A trailer can also be called a teaser. Trailers may even be referred to as special previews or excerpts, depending on the length. A full-length trailer can last as long as 10 minutes. It can also be as short as 5 minutes depending on the producers. Trailers show bits and pieces of the film without giving away the whole story.

The movie trailer is supposed to entice the reader to go ahead and purchase tickets to the full movie. Trailers help generate revenue for the moviemakers.

By having a good, exciting trailer, viewers should be interested in finding out the full story which they will see later in the movie if they decide that the movie is worth paying money for. This is why the trailer is so important; without it, people may not pay money to see it, hence lost revenue and no income.

Short Movie

Short movies are exactly that—short movies. If you think movies have to be 2 hours long, think again. Short movies can be as short as 20 minutes if the storyline is fairly basic and uncomplicated. On the other hand, a short movie can also be up to an hour long, depending on the videomaker.

Short movies are compressed movies that contain the full storyline but with a much faster buildup than your traditional feature film. It contains less details and less filler scenes because of the limited time allotted. Short movies are often very straight to the point and can be harder to create because less time is given to get the emotions in the movie across.

In a short movie, it’s important to have a short but effective script that communicates the whole story in a compressed amount of time. There’s no time for empty scenes that just run the clock. Every second counts, so make the most out of it.

Which is Better?

Both are good types of videos, but they serve different purposes. If you want to entice audiences to pay to see your movie, use a trailer or teaser. Make it good so that they will be interested enough to buy your tickets. If your interest is publicity or for clients, short movies will work best.

BLUE EYE PICTURE also recommends combining both to create a more dramatic effect, which helps us connect and elicit emotion from our viewers. A good movie will appeal to viewers no matter what, so as long as you have excellent footage and editing skills, you can’t go wrong.

In this post you may compare two kind of short movies,”Love Actually” that one is called wedding trailer and second one ” Busy Being Love”. The last one we called creative version that lasts between 25-45 min up to 1 hr. In my opinion this kind of version with such a structure of composition could give you back real emotion that you can feel.

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