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“Come Fly with Me” How to capture emotions

What and how videographer Dubai can describe others love and  their affection. This how a movie work to play on our emotions and how we percept others.

In such a production like wedding videography we need to capture all those missing moments that can appear between two people before they realize they are capturing by cameras. It is like taking a photographs but only moving ones. Watch this so lovely story of two people who have been waiting many years to find to each other, finally. This is how it has begun.

Rodriguez has a daily ritual: go to work, but grab a cup of coffee on the way there. This is the way it has always been for years already. He was on his way, but was shocked when a gorgeous lady bumped into him and spilled his coffee. As he bent down to pick up the spilled drink, his eyes locked with Lisa. Lisa smiled back, thinking, “wow, is this love at first sight?” She turned away, muttering her apologies but Rodriguez could not let her go. He went after her and gathered her into his arms in an earth-shattering kiss. He finally found his true love!


Photography Gregory Grytchenko Blue Eye Picture 

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