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How many video cameras do you need on your wedding? This is what can do just One

“Busy Being Love”

Seven billion people in the world. Seven billion beating hearts. But sometimes all you need is one.
This is a story of two people falling in love despite living thousands of miles away from each other. Ahmad is in Dubai, living his life as a lawyer. Jana lives in Paris, France. Their worlds collide when Jana gets on the wrong plane to Dubai at the exact same time Ahmad’s plane lands in the airport. What will they do once they meet? Their hearts cannot deny the magnetic pull they feel towards each other. It’s only a matter of time until their feelings are revealed.

This amazing stories was only motivation to create this movie as final output. And this is great example what only one camera operator  can create from such dynamic and big wedding like this Ahmad and Jana in Atlantis The Palm. How to achieve this? There is no question, operator must be dynamic and creative

He must shoot from different angle , to be in a crowd , to use variety of lenses…and give his heart of course. We videographers Dubai are working in different situations and of course with team where are few cameramen even on one spot.  Customers always think the more cameras the better, the more photographers the better. Actually it is not like this; the more photographers around couple the worst. Why ? Because in many cases instead proper composition and good background we can another photographer behind the couple also  trying to capture his best shoots. In many cases there is a conflict.

I am hearing voices immediately that they should be aware what other is doing and do not disturb to each other. Yes, if those photographers are from the same team , one is first shooter and another second one , from a distance it is good. This situations concerns videographers as well.

Watch this amazing story of those TWO people in this short movie version. It is not a trailer , it is feature film but very dynamic with many actions.

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