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Music in Movies


A good movie is more than just some celebrity heartthrobs and cheesy lines. A big part of the movie has to do with the music. The music sets the tone, mood and tempo of the movie. Here are some factors that are influenced by good music according to BLUE EYE PICTURE- videographers Dubai:


1. Mood


In a action movie you will not hear  love songs playing in the background because that will destroy the mood of the movie. Of course horror music will fit horror movies. By matching the mood of the movie to the mood of the music, everything will be tied together.


If you think the mood of your movie is too much of a downer, match it with a slightly happier melody to keep it more neutral. Unless your objective is to make your viewers cry from an onslaught of emotion, try to keep things balanced and within a comfortable range.


2. Tempo


Slow music will have an effect on the tempo of the movie as well. Less beats per minute are good for dramatic moments, while fast beats help create an upbeat mood. For example, kids running in a track meet will benefit from fast music to simulate the fast-paced environment. On the other hand, slow music will be good for lovers dancing under the moonlight.


For the tempo of the song, it should always be just slightly slower or slightly faster than your movie. Anything too drastic will look disjointed and your overall film will appear overdone or mismatched.


3. Entertainment


When playing popular or known songs in the background, audiences will be interested because they know the song and can sing along. It helps them feel relevant, like they are connected to the people in the video. Films are a form of entertainment, so if you’re enjoying the music of the movie, chances are you will enjoy the whole movie as well.


When playing pop songs, make sure you acquire the corresponding permissions from the respective artists otherwise you could be committing copyright infringement. If you can’t, there are always stock music websites that you can look up.


4. Background music


Background music also plays an integral role in every film. It helps to add something that is not distracting in the background that will keep things moving but not too loud or flamboyant that it will distract the viewer from the visuals of the film. Remember that background music is just as important as your visual; it is a supplement to your viewing material.


5. Free/Stock Music Websites.


Several videomakers rely on stock music websites where you can purchase music for a very low price. Some are even free. This is an excellent source for your music needs without the hassles of contacting big name artists who may or may not reply to your query.


It’s also good to mix things up if your music is too short. Instead of using only two songs back to back, cut them up and add pauses in between to make it a little different and more unique. Feel free to consult your BLUE EYE PICTURE team- photographers Dubai for more information on how you would like your videos to be edited.


Gregory Grytchenko Photographer Dubai and founder Blue Eye Picture

Dorota J. Willimas Female Dubai Photographer and videographer Dubai

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