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In our  corporate video productions we are adding a cinematic look and feel to it where we can. We love to make your Video Production look like a movie and with a storyline like a movie (where it permits it). In that way it’s more impressive and entertaining to watch.

Using some unique video promotion methods your company can dramatically increase the number of new and satisfied customers.
Producer – BEPC takes an “old school” approach to film & video production while applying the most up-to-date technology. Our concept is based on quality professional craftsmanship, with a fully trained crew, offering 35 mm film, digital broadcast-quality multimedia video and High Definition. BEPC Studio has more than 10 years experience in this industry, and is on the cutting edge of technology with streaming video to the internet and building advanced DVD productions.
Professional videos are preferred to amateur productions. Overall, 62% of online video viewers say that their favorite videos are those that are “professionally produced.”

Corporate or Business Videos
A good corporate video Dubai is where you don’t get distracted by errors or poor quality and you are just in it. You understand and you listen to what was said, you remember it and you don’t forget it. With the advances in DVD technology and its “common place” use, your video production has a much broader application. Video is doing a great job for your website. It can show what you have, how it works, or educate in the use of a product or technique.

Video Portfolio

Look don’t listen – We have many different video samples online. Go and take a look. If there are any particiular style you are looking for and don’t see give us a call or write us an email – the chances that we have it is good – it is only a fraction of our production we have avalible online.

Staff Training Videos

Incorporating corporate training videos Dubai into your staff instruction will improve the training and reduce your costs. Most importantly, your video trainig presentation can build consistency – using the same procedures, the same way, every time.

Commercials TV Ads

A television spot is a different kind of production, compressing your message into 30 or 60 seconds intended to create a demand for that particular product and ensuring that you stand out from the competitors.

Online Video Marketing

We had found it necessary to offer another service to our clients, and that is online video marketing. We do this to secure that our clients get the most advantage out of their video production, and in that way they get great results and want more productions done because it works and gives at least the desired result and sometimes even more results than expected. And by the way, more than 136,000,000 Americans are watching videos online so there is an additional online audience to show your production to with the right marketing of your video.

Video News Release (VNR)

In researching the Video News Release format, Seven Pictures has found the recipe for a successful VNR, one that the newsroom is looking for. We know how to find the story and make it into a newsworthy segment for use as a VNR or B Roll.

Tradeshow Videos

Tradeshow videos can be selected out from a corporate video production and used as an eye-catcher alone, maintaining corporate identity, and aligning with the overall image.


Click Here to Visit our Corporate and Event Videography Website 

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